Neck and Back pain

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Thank you for reading my new Health Newsletter email! Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a series of health tips that I will be providing you several times a month. Many of you have seen this picture in my office before.
When I show it to you during an examination it usually means that you are in pain and we are trying to figure out what happened. There are many causes of neck and low back pain, but typically a sprain injury or tearing of a ligament is the most common cause.
Just like sprain and ankle, the neck and back holding elements are subject to traumatic and overuse forces that cause pain, swelling, spasm and inability to function as normal.

Scar Tissue Formation:

Not responding to the injury with appropriate treatment can lead to scar tissue formation.
Look at those giant cross-bridges! The scar tissue in the above picture is ineffective in providing stability for the normal forces expressed on a joint. Future re-injury risk is high in this scenario!

Treatment at Corrado Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center, LLC, consists initially of passive care with modalities and adjustments for proper re-establishment of healing tissues, improved motion from manipulation and stimulation of mechanoreceptors in the joints to provide neurological stimulation to correct the timing, patterning, and coordination of muscles that support the injured joint. We all feel that we are not moving correctly when we are in pain! Treatment works to alleviate this! Exercise and rehabilitation, after there has been a decrease in pain, is provided to help build endurance of Type 1 spinal muscles and again to stimulate mechanoreceptors with balance exercises for improved neurological control.

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